Our Leaders

The Team That Keeps The Love Pit Running

Leadership Team

The strength of The Love Pit Rescue is our team. Without these wonderful people dedicating their time, experience, and talents we wouldn’t be able to save as many dogs.

Aften Bell

Founder & President

As Founder & President, Aften leads the strategic direction of the rescue. Her vision, kindness, and ability to mobilize people for a great cause enabled The Love Pit to become what it is today.


Cassandra Padilla

Executive Director of Operations

Fueled by losing her childhood pit bull to BSL, Cassandra is an advocate for bully breeds and a proponent of early dog training. As our rescue director, Cassandra is responsible for overseeing the daily operations of the bully buddy, adoptions, iREHOME, and training programs.


Amanda Newman

Executive Director of Development

Amanda leads the Development Team, which is comprised of many individuals with diverse backgrounds and invaluable experience connected by the same passion and dedication to protect the often-maligned and mislabeled pit bull. Combined together, this team drives innovation, community outreach, fundraising and continually seeks new avenues to promote responsible pet ownership and inspire advocacy on behalf of the pit bull population here in Texas.

The Love Pit Rescue, thanks to help from volunteers, supporters and our community, has made a measurable impact on the lives of Pit Bulls in the DFW area. In 2017, 245 Dogs were rescued with a 98.7% Lifesaving Percentage. The lifesaving percentage is calculated by subtracting the number of deaths in care (3) from the total numbers of intake from 2017 (245).