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A Foster Program as Unique as The Love Pit!
The Love Pit Bully Buddy Foster Program

You Will Make a Difference

Do you love pitbulls, rehabilitation, and want to participate in free dog training? Then you have what it takes to be a Bully Buddy. This is a rewarding opportunity where you are paid back in love and affection and the opportunity to work with the best foster program in North Texas.

As fosters, our Bully Buddies are prepped and coached by TLP coordinators to be set up for success. Our orientation process consists of asking our volunteers to follow our set guidelines, policies and procedures that have been developed over years of experience. We provide ongoing training for pit bulls with tailored training strategies for each dog. It is our goal to create a learning and continuing education culture that benefits the dogs, the volunteers, the rescue, and our mission.


STEP 1: Bully Buddy Application

Request & fill out the Bully Buddy Application and our Application Manager will respond within 1 day. You must have time for training and exercise and you must be able to foster until adoption.

STEP 2: Orientation & Phone Consult

Begin the orientation by watching our bully buddy video, reading our foster manual, and reciting back our policies. Upon completion, our Application Manager will contact you for a phone consultation.

STEP 3: Rescue Your Bully Buddy & Train

Our Bully Buddy Coordinator will work one-on-one with you to match up the best dog for your home and lifestyle. Training will take place weekly, biweekly or monthly depending on the needs of your foster dog. Please remember, we take training very seriously and it is a requirement. Our training program can last up to 12 weeks for each dog, covering basic commands, house manners and socialization and is free for all of our volunteers. You also may be asked to attend a group class in Dallas, Euless, or Far north Dallas if this is what your foster requires.

STEP 4: Cleared by Medical and Training Team

Get your dog cleared by our medical and training team to be ready for adoption.

STEP 5: Your Bully is Adopted! Rescue Another!

Thank you for helping a dog in need! Are you ready for another one? The Bully Buddy team always has another dog waiting to spend time with you until their furever home is found!

Become a Bully Buddy

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