Snow and Her Flurries

Snow and Her Flurries

The first week of December is always the calm before the storm.  The rush of Thanksgiving is over, and people are getting ready for Christmas. This year was no different, things appeared calm.


It all started when a woman found seven puppies underneath an abandoned trailer in Houston.  Lili could tell they were only days old and no mother was in sight.  When puppies are first born, it is imperative they have a warm environment and can feed every few hours. They are fragile and still developing basic reflexes, hearing, and vision.  While it was in the 70s during the day, it was in the 50s at night.  Since the trailer was abandoned and no adult female dog around, the only way to ensure their survival was for someone to take them in.  The person who found them started to bottle feed the puppies and made a Facebook post asking for help from a reputable rescue.


One of the greatest aspects of technology is the ability it has to reach millions of people with the click of a button.  Many people saw this woman’s Facebook post and The Love Pit was tagged by multiple individuals.  Once the Intake team for TLP saw the post, they sent a message about the puppies.  The Intake team knew they had to act quickly and decided to accept the puppies  .  The puppies made their way from Houston to Dallas and initially stayed with TLP’s president Aften.  Aften kept the puppies warm and bottle-fed them every few hours. She even had a cuddle mom in her own dog, Sweetpea.  Soon, a willing foster stepped up and took in all seven puppies.


While this was happening, another woman, found a lactating female dog that had been dumped outside Harris County Shelter at Melrose Park.  The area is a dangerous area and well known for dumping dogs.  The woman took the dog in and made a plea asking if anyone needed a lactating female dog.  Again, through the power of the Internet, The Love Pit was contacted.  Knowing the best chance of survival for the puppies was to have a lactating female, The Love Pit accepted the mother dog and transported her to Dallas.



The dog was driven from Houston to the puppies’ foster in the dead of the night. The mother dog was very sweet and all white.  She looked like pure snow.  Since it was December it was only natural to name her Snow.  It seemed only natural to call the puppies she was now nursing, her flurries. Snow immediately took to the puppies and allowed them to feed immediately.  She is very caring and gentle towards them.



Where are they now?  Snow and her flurries are still with the foster.  The seven flurries have all been given names fitting for the cold wintery season: Flurry, Elsa, Fria, Winter, Hans, Artic, and Olaf.


They will officially hit 8 weeks on January 14th and will be up for adoption then.  To get more information and to fill out an application, go to The Love Pit website.  Let them warm your heart during the cold months ahead.  

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