New Beginnings: Cooper

New Beginnings: Cooper

Anyone that has followed The Love Pit for some time will most likely know Cooper’s story. Many of you have followed his journey since day one. More of you may have come to know The Love Pit midway through his journey, and for some this may be the first you’re hearing about him. Regardless, his story, and stories like his, are the reason TLP exists. Without people like you, following, sharing, and donating, we wouldn’t have stories like Cooper’s to tell.


Cooper - Before Picture

Cooper was discovered with this horrific injury to his face.

Cooper was found near Ennis, Texas, on a sweltering July night. His face was mangled, his body was emaciated, and he seemed to be a lost cause. He was taken to Corsicana Animal Shelter, where pit bulls cannot be adopted to the public – only rescued. This fact seemed to further cement his fate. Luckily, one of the shelter employees looked into Cooper’s one good eye, and knew he deserved a second chance. She reached out to Aften Bell, the president and founder of The Love Pit, and explained the nature of Coopers injuries.


TLP didn’t think twice about taking Cooper in even at a time when the rescue was especially low on funds, fosters, and resources. Aften picked Cooper up the very next morning to transport him to Mercy Animal Clinic for life saving care. He spent almost two full weeks recuperating with the skilled team at Mercy before going home to his foster to begin the longer process of recovery, training, and heartworm treatment.


Cooper - After

Cooper after recovering from his injuries with the help of The Love Pit Rescue.

It wasn’t long before Cooper began to flourish with his foster, thanks to lots of TLP TLC. His unique story and sweet personality made him a fast favorite with everyone that met him and his foster mom would tell anyone who would listen, how deeply proud she was of his progress. She says letting him get adopted was one of the hardest things she’s had to do as a TLP volunteer but she knew he had found the perfect forever home with his new mom. Fast forward to present day and Cooper, who now goes by Bodhi, has been in his adoptive home for over two months. His mom loves him, supports his recovery, celebrates his quirks, and works with him daily to make sure he receives the training and love he needs to continue his incredible journey.


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  • Aniesa Fierro

    So happy to hear that he is getting all the love and attention that he deserves!

    April 17, 2018 at 11:36 am

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