New Beginnings: Baloo

New Beginnings: Baloo

New Beginnings: Baloo

Baloo was originally brought to the attention of TLP as a plea by an individual that couldn’t keep him because of unforeseen circumstances. After an unexpected and failed attempt of fostering  (we were told he was not cat-friendly), he was on his way to the shelter where his future looked grim. Luckily, the original owner intervened and reached out to TLP.  It was without hesitation that we stepped in to help Baloo.

As luck would have it, one of our amazing fosters was willing to take him in immediately. Despite the fact that she had three cats in her home – she wasn’t afraid to take on the challenge! As soon as Baloo settled in with his new foster, her heart broke as it was obvious that he’d had a tough life for quite a while.

After a few weeks of experimenting with food due to a number of challenging factors, the foster realized he was highly allergic to chicken. Poor Baloo’s rare allergy caused hair loss and numerous skin issues. It was also the reason why he couldn’t keep enough weight on up until that point. It got so severe that at one point, he could hardly walk, but rather would drag his front feet, evidenced by the scars on his toes from the sidewalk. He had poor social skills with other animals, but he was great with every human he met.

Our amazing foster then realized she could not let Baloo go – he had become a part of her family and was willing to do everything she could to give him a better life. She decided to adopt him and provide his new, and final, fur-ever home! Today, Baloo is almost 70 lbs (up from his lowest weight of 35 lbs), has grown all of his hair back and regularly visits a chiropractor to correct his spinal damage. He has completed training for his reactivity (even has a doggy girlfriend!), is a certified Emotional Support Dog (ESA) and is currently working on service dog training. Baloo has flown on planes, played with toddlers and is changing people’s ideas of pitties every day!

Go, Good Humans, Go!

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