Happy Train Your Dog Month from TLP!

Happy Train Your Dog Month from TLP!

January is Train Your Dog Month! We’re celebrating with some tips to help you build a happy and trusting relationship with your dog.

Dogs are family members. Unlike human family members, though, your furry pal can’t speak to you. Luckily, with a commitment to consistent training, you can build the connection with your pup that you’ve always wanted.

Build Trust

Obedience training is a crucial part of responsible dog ownership. Studies show that obedience training with positive reinforcement helps your dog respect you, trust you, and strengthens your overall relationship.  

Establish Boundaries

Dogs need boundaries to feel secure. When you’re inconsistent, your dog may feel stressed by a lack of predictable routines. Ultimately, setting boundaries at home will help instill confidence in your pup, allowing you to enjoy one another a lot more.

Show You Care

Research indicates that physical contact lowers stress levels in dogs. Training provides an excellent opportunity to love on your furry pal as you reward them for good behavior. Whether you’re showering your pup with praise for performing a new skill or just reviewing the basics, you’ll have tons of opportunity for physical touch and eye contact.

Cure Boredom

Dogs need mental and physical stimulation. Without it, they’re likely to get bored and misbehave. Training is a great outlet for dogs to work their brains and expend some energy. If they’re entertained and worn out from training sessions, they’re going to be happier and better behaved even when training time is done.

If you want to be closer to your dog and ensure they’re confident, safe, and happy, training is the way to do it. Just stick with it and stay patient. You’ll be glad you did.

Mandy Lee is a dog mom, avid volunteer veterinarian and co-author of Saved By The Bark blog. She enjoys sharing tips and tricks for volunteers and animal lovers through thoughtfully researched blog posts.

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