Foster The Puppies

Foster The Puppies

Some say the character of a person isn’t in what they think, but the actions that they take. Being part of The Love Pit, I have first hand knowledge of the actions that many fosters take in being a good foster dog parent. I am amazed daily on the sacrifices and lengths that they will go for their dog not only to succeed but to also be adopted one. Each testimonial shed light not only how they view fostering but also the organization TLP. Below is the story of Jasmine.


How you heard of TLP: I found TLP after intentionally searching through the DFW area for a respectable Pit rescue who was “doing things right” I started following several rescues on Facebook and from there went to meet people in the organization and several dogs. TLP is an impressive rescue from the leadership, volunteers, organization, network, dogs saved, and constant professionalism. 


How you became fosters: My story is not the usual here because I grew up in the dog world. My mom built from the ground up a boarding kennel that broke the norms of crowded, “caged” facility into a dog haven. We have acres dedicated to making sure all dogs, of all personality types, can feel comfortable and have FUN! So, I grew up training dogs with positive reinforcement, and learning how to clearly communicate with them. My mom was always trying to help the community be rehabilitating and training some of the most difficult dogs in the state. Fostering was just a part of my life, and something I am committed to for a long time to come. I can’t imagine not offering to help however I can. People say things like “I could never foster, I couldn’t let them go” well I argue that the alternative of not stepping in to give that dog a chance at life is the far harder choice. Growing up in a world where I was on the front line of breaking up fight rings and puppy mills I’ve seen first-hand the terrible things people are capable of, and time and time again, Pitbull type dogs, have proven that they are resilient, and loving, and GOOD despite all the reasons they have not to be. I’m baffled by the number of people that don’t understand that a shelter is a temporary place and that cute puppy won’t “grow up” there but never grow up at all. I believe it is the responsibility of the good people to make up for the bad apples and stand in the gap of ignorance. TLP is a partner on the same mission giving me a platform to work within that I am very grateful for.


Most rewarding aspect of being a foster: Fostering isn’t a walk in the park, (except when walking the dogs in the park) but so worth it! My favorite part is giving a dog the chance to really be themselves and all the joy and life they bring to our home. There’s something magical about saving their life and then getting to see how they change the life of their family once they find each other.


I consider myself a pit-bull advocate as they are my favorite breed and I knew it was my responsibility to give people a chance to see what this breed really represents. Our pup wins hearts and minds daily and I try to go out of my way to educate people on proper dog training, introductions, and modifying “problem” behaviors.


Current Foster: AMBER! She’s a sweet sensitive girl, and I can’t wait for her to find her home and people where she can feel as happy and safe as she has in our home.


Amber is currently up for adoption. She is 3-year-old pit bull terrier. She is great with other dogs and feline friends. She loves going on walks but most of all, she loves her belly rubbed. Amber is housetrained, excellent with children and up to date on her shots. Jasmine is currently fostering her but as you can see, she wishes Amber to find her forever home.



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