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The best way to help is to adopt a dog in need
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At TLP, we take training very seriously and require every dog to complete a training program and achieve minimum requirements for our bully good dog certification in our Bully Good Dog Training program.

Upon rescue, each dog is evaluated based on behavior, energy and health and placed in their appropriate foster home. Once settled in their new environment, we begin an individual behavioral training program catered to each dog’s personality and needs. Every dog is fostered for a minimum of 2 weeks before available for adoption. This allows us the time to properly assess and train each dog. Our goal is that each TLP pup has at least 4 weeks of basic training before adoption, ensuring a lifetime of success for every dog and adopter.

Adoption fees cover spay/neutering, microchipping, rabies vaccine and 3 additional training classes post adoption.


2020 Adoption Fees:

  • $350 puppies (up to 5 months)
  • $300 adults (5 months-6 years)
  • $200 (7+ years)


STEP 1: Adoption Application

Complete the adoption application. An adoption coordinator will review your application and contact you within 2 business days.

STEP 2: First Introductions

Once your application has been approved, you’ll be connected with the dog’s foster parent. They’ll work with you to find a good place/time for you and any of your current dogs to meet your potential new family member! We ask that 2 meet and greets be conducted for adult dogs. The first meet and greet will be at a neutral location for the safety of all dogs and humans present. The second meet and greet will be conducted in your home. Should the foster or training team deem it necessary, we may also ask that you conduct further meet and greets to ensure that our dog is the best fit for you and our family.

STEP 3: Home Check

Either the foster or a member of our home check team, will conduct a home check in your home to get a feel for your family and your living environment. This will help us further assess if your potential dog will be a good fit for your home. This also allows us to give you plenty of good advice for your incoming pup, and ensure your home is a safe environment.

STEP 4: Adoption

It’s time for your new dog to move to your home! You will have the training and medical team’s support should you need it. Although your adoption is finalized once you complete the contact, if within 30 days your new pup doesn’t work out in your home, you can return them to their foster parent and try a different dog. We encourage that adoption should be for a lifetime, but we also understand that sometimes a dog isn’t the best fit for your home and another one of our dogs might be! Our goal is always to find you the perfect fit for your family.

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